Personal Counseling Services

For Children

At Rago & Associates we have specialists who have years of experience helping children overcome barriers to success in school, in relationships and with self-esteem.

Our experience working with children in schools and families has taught us much, but it’s the talent of our child therapists that allows us to make a difference.

Children are approached in a caring and positive way. We assist children in counseling to find ways to increase their successes, strengths and resources. As children become more successful in managing feelings and solving problems their self-esteem and happiness start to grow.

No child deserves to feel depression, anxiety, sadness, frustration, anger or that they cannot succeed in school, with friends or with their families. Our therapists are dedicated to helping each child find the path to success and happiness. This builds a strong foundation for their future.

It is important to us to help parents and families connect with their children, and to provide unique ways for children to communicate. Children need nonverbal ways to express themselves since their verbal abilities are still developing.

Equine assisted psychotherapy, art therapy and play therapy are ways that we can help your child sort out and understand their feelings and needs, so that they can be assisted to overcome any symptoms that are impacting them.

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For Teens

Being a teenager, or a pre-teen, isn’t easy. It’s often the most difficult time in a person’s life. And in today’s world we realize that adolescence is filled with higher expectations and stress than ever before. It is especially easy for depression, anxiety, eating issues, anger, school problems, relationship troubles and other difficulties to arise during these vulnerable years. A teen can often feel alone, isolated and misunderstood. Teenagers with many strengths and resources within may not be able to tap into their gifts effectively when life becomes too overwhelming.

Our specially trained staff knows how to increase the skills for surviving and thriving during adolescence. Better yet, we LOVE to work with teens. And it shows. Most counseling centers make therapy mundane and boring. But at Rago & Associates, our teens love to come to see us. Because we work hard to make their counseling experience relevant, interesting, fun and effective.

We understand and care about each teen that we work with. We relate to them and understand the special needs of teenagers. Our goal is to find the special gifts, talents and resources of each person, and to help each teen embrace what they uniquely have to offer.

We help teens take a fresh look at their themselves and their lives so they can give up strategies and habits that do not work for them, and replace them with coping skills that can create happiness and fulfillment for a lifetime.

Our teens work with a therapist who specializes in the concerns of teens, and we can add other team members to make a more effective and creative approach, such as art therapy, horse-assisted therapy, trauma therapy, nutrition therapy, and other unique services that sets Ragos apart from other counseling agencies.

As a parent, we also want to let you know: we know that a loving family is a teenagers greatest resource. We also know that teens often push their families away when they need them the most. We are committed to helping your teen stay close and connected to their family throughout their counseling, and we will keep you involved every step of the way.

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For Adults

The complicated years of adulthood are loaded with stress, responsibilities, relationship and work issues and the many pressures of life. At Rago & Associates we are especially focused on how to help adults set and meet their goals in order to overcome any barriers in the way of their personal and professional success.

Stress and pressure can begin to wear away at even a strong and resilient person. Special circumstances such as death of a loved one, loss of a relationship through break-up or divorce, relationship problems, balancing work and family, time management problems or other difficulties may make the usual ways of coping insufficient.

Symptoms of unhappiness, disappointment, depression and anxiety may appear over time. Inappropriate coping methods such as alcohol abuse, eating problems, spending or gambling troubles, excessive or deficient sleeping may manifest themselves if the underlying problems are not solved. Adults need a place to sort out these problems so they can perform their best and feel good again.

Rago & Associates helps their adult clients benefit from counseling so they can move on from well-meaning coping skills that no longer work for them. We help them take a clear look at their lives and make necessary changes.

Even when people feel there is nothing they can do, we help them find new problem solving techniques. Our passion is to help them find ways to find fulfillment in their personal, family and professional lives.

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Dr. Maria Rago can connect you with the services and people she believes can best help you or your loved one.