Our Story

As Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.”

More than 25 years ago Dr. Maria Rago began providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families. Her unique way of thinking outside the box challenged people to do things differently. Knowing that no one is actually “crazy” and that we all suffer from issues and need help sometimes, Maria helped people to feel safe and comfortable confronting their most difficult issues. Maria noticed that treatment programs all tend to do the same therapies for all people, regardless of what each person’s individual needs are. And when some people don’t recover, the person and their family get the blame, while insurance companies and therapy programs stay exactly the same.

This observation, and love for her clients and their families, led Maria to develop “Rago & Associates Counseling Services.” Rago & Associates strives to understand that every person in unique, so that each person’s treatment plan should be equally as unique and special. She was fortunate to gather some wonderful professionals to work together with her to create totally individualized recovery plans for the painful issues that make people feel stuck. Their success in helping clients accomplish their recovery goals have led Rago’s to be one of the most busy and successful counseling centers in the Chicago area.

Find your true power. Have a voice in your own therapy. Be a part of creating your own unique treatment plan. Use creative counseling services such as equine-assisted psychotherapy, art therapy, trauma therapies and the “opening doors project” to find solutions that you never thought were possible. Don’t let mundane, typical counseling programs hold you back.

Rago & Associates. Opening Doors. For life.

Dr. Maria Rago can connect you with the services and people she believes can best help you or your loved one.

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