Nutrition Therapy Services

All dieticians are NOT created equally. Many are classically trained to value restrictive eating and even dieting! Many dieticians will tell you to hardly eat fat, to hold back on carbs and to watch out for calories. Rago & Associates dieticians are sophisticated about food and weight issues, and whether your goals would be to lose weight, gain weight, manage and overcome an eating disorder, obtain positive body image, find good health for heart disease, diabetes or cancer, overcome childhood eating problems, cope with a GI disorder, manage a Vegan/Vegetarian lifestyle without harming your health, perform optimally in your sport or train for a marathon, we can guide you to successfully meet your goals. It’s your body! We really hope that you will work with us for your nutritional needs, because we strive to help you own your body again, and not buy into myths about dieting and restricting that can compromise your quality of life, and even your health!

Did you know?… research shows that teens who dieted gained 20 more pounds than other teens? Stop dieting! Stop restricting your food. People can manage heart issues, diabetes, body image and obesity through nutritious eating, where you won’t constantly be hungry and deprived! Please try our approach. We care about your quality of life as well as your health and weight goals.

Life is to be enjoyed, and so is food and so is your body. Challenge yourself to take the best care of You, and eat in a way that is truly satisfying.

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