Body Image

Negative body image is rampant in society, with children as young as 5 years old being afraid of being fat and afraid of what they eat. Society is constantly on the attack, making both boys and girls fearful of being too fat. It used to be more of a problem for females, but with the “war on obesity,” now just as many boys live in fear and dread about their bodies. At Rago & Associates we are committed to a healthy lifestyle and a positive body image for every person. As you learn the most flexible, healthy ways to take care of your body, that work for you specifically, you can let go of frustration and hatred toward your body, and move on to living your life with joy and happiness. No one deserves to live with a “biggest loser” mentality, where people are ostracized and put on severe diet and exercise plans in order to be acceptable. Our team of specialty dieticians and therapists can help you look over your life, make the changes that you want to, in eating, in attitude, in relationships, in physical activity and in your family. We are dedicated to helping children, teens, adults and families all be their best, and feel good about themselves for who they are.

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