Anger Management

Do you manage your anger, or does your anger manage you? Anger can be hard for anyone, especially if it is intense. If you find that your anger has caused you difficulty in your home or work life, in relationships, leads to alcohol or substance abuse or even problems with the law, it is important to get out of denial and work out these problems with a therapist.

People embarrassed by anger problems may make excuses or blame other people for their anger. This denial and defensiveness causes even more relationship problems, while problems dig themselves a deeper and deeper hole.

There are many effective ways to manage anger. Problem solving, cognitive restructuring, using humor, improving communication, healing from the past, and learning how to forgive are all possible ways to stop letting anger control you. Many people have overcome anger problems, and are very proud of the new ways they handle situations and relationships. Their self-esteem is improved and their families are much happier!

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