Dr. Rago and her professional team of associates provide solution-focused counseling for individual and family therapy in a compassionate atmosphere. We are here to meet all of your counseling needs.

We are committed to helping you develop an action plan to manage the challenges in your life. We give you our full support to overcome obstacles to reach your full potential.

Rago and Associates is a private, full-service counseling company. We are also regarded as one of the premier teams for counseling in the Chicago area.

Intensive Services

At Rago & Associates, we specialize in how to understand and assess options for the most helpful level of care. We provide our own version of intensive outpatient services, and work with you to create alternatives to traditional group-based programs. Personalized, special programs that we tailor directly to your individual needs are possible here.

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Eating Disorders

From anorexia nervosa, to bulimia nervosa, to Binge-Eating Disorder, to any other type of eating disorders, Rago & Associates is nationally and internationally known for their strong professional training and experience with virtually every kind of eating disorder in men and women across all age groups.

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Our Story

More than 25 years ago Dr. Maria Rago began providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families. Her unique way of thinking outside the box challenged people to do things differently. Knowing that no one is actually “crazy” and that we all suffer from issues and need help sometimes, Maria helped people to feel safe and comfortable confronting their most difficult issues…

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Opening Doors

‘Opening doors’ has been Rago & Associates motto for many years. It refers to the idea that when obstacles are facing us, we need to take creative and powerful views in order to overcome them. Heather Aviles, our art therapist, took the idea a step further, when she began to collect actual doors in her garage. She began a special project to help people visualize and symbolize the concerns keeping them stuck.

Opening Doors