Ashley Podzius

ashley podzius

Though we cannot control the obstacles we encounter on our journey, we have a choice to either let an experience tear us apart or give us strength. The practice of yoga reminds us that wherever we are in this journey, we are never alone.

What slowly began as a way to move and escape her physical body, quickly developed into a lifestyle of acceptance. Ashley began her yoga practice with Brenda Temme, dancing and breathing to the style of Vinyasa Flow. Through personal exploration and self-study, Ashley developed a thirst for the spiritual and emotional side of the practice. Through yoga, she was able to release her attachment to the idea of perfection. She received her certification through The Colorado School of Yoga, with Kathryn Budig and Gina Caputo at a 200-hour Residential Integrated Training. Ashley infuses her classes with her passion for love, vitality and music. She thrives to share the magic of yoga with her students, allowing them to feel confident in their minds and bodies, guiding them to move in a way that makes them feel alive.

Ashley received a Trauma Informed Yoga certification at Moksha Yoga in Chicago through a program ran by Catherine Ashton, founder of Yoga to Transform Trauma. This certification allows her to teach a sensitive approach to yoga to victims of domestic and sexual abuse and many other forms of PTSD. Ashley holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and is the Yoga Specialist at Rago & Associates, an outpatient Psychiatry practice, at their Naperville and Chicago locations. She works with clients affected by trauma, as well as those who struggle with eating disorders, depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

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